The Small Story About Us

Mazaya brings more than 18 years of experienced talents in strategic business and operational planning, to the region. We have conducted countless Feasibility studies and Strategies as well as developed and monitored large marketing budgets. As global thinkers, we have successfully prepared businesses to face serious challenges locally and internationally. Mad with the whys and hows, we have spent years artfully analyzing and synthesizing, uncovering insights about why consumers, whom we see as real people, do what they do. Amidst, a unique fragmented regional culture, fashioned by global influence, we like to untangle the strings into usable findings, which can better help draft marketing strategies to truly address consumer needs and create strong brands at Mazaya.

At Mazaya we seek to consistently act out of our core values. Our 6Cs guide us in our daily actions and allow us to persevere, even when times are tough, in order to provide the best possible service.


We are committed to continuous self-improvement, to our customers, to our employees, to the organization and to success.


We use our logic to assess each situation and to identify problem areas. We bring clarity and focus to your business goals.


We approach our business with innovation in mind, be that following novel approaches, walking current trends, cross-learning or using leading-edge technology.


We believe in engaging people and learning from the experts, whether it is our employees, customers or consumers.


Our passion to learn and to grow drives us to show up, produce, innovate and commit ourselves to your business success every day.


Be competent and accountable in our actions. We strive to provide quality service through logical decision-making.

Hisham DARWISH General Manager

My ability to understand patterns, both visually and in numbers, enables me to create mental pictures of both problems and their solutions. My passion lies in creating systems and improving processes to make any business more efficient and profitable.

Thamer SHAKER Business Consultant

A management professional with more than 24 years of experience, leading strategic plans in change management and talent identification. He is an organization development and business expert and worked in several fields including initiating, planning and leading programs.

Reem ALMURAISHED Account Executive

Reem likes to untangle the strings into usable findings, which can better help draft marketing strategies to truly address consumer needs and create strong brands at Mazaya.

Rebecca ABOU RJEYLI Graphic Designer

A talented Graphic Designer and Publicist with a proven record of delivering creative and innovative design solutions, and effectively developing and delivering projects from conception to completion, meeting high standards and deadlines.

Maria MONTGOMERY Copywriter & Social Media Engager

Maria is a detailed-oriented person. She is a content marketing professional at Mazaya and the one who brings us all around the table to meet deadlines. She is an “out-side-the-box” thinker.

Najib AMHAZ Senior Web Developer

I have been in the web development and internet marketing since for 12 years. I've developed over 500 websites and specialize in lead generation using the power of the internet.

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