Leading Entrepreneur Intensive Program


Are you keen on turning yourself into a successful business entrepreneur. Starting a business can be daunting and many factors need to be taken into account. With small businesses, proper management and planning can be the key those who make it and those who don’t. To make sure you get a head start, Mazaya has developed the Leading Entrepreneur Intensive Program (LEIP) specially designed to enable young entrepreneurs with key essentials to start their businesses effectively and profitably.

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“5” Workshop Modules

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Identify your strong points | Identify their areas of inherent competencies | Identify their weaknesses | Exhibit self-confidence | Seek opportunities and take initiative steps | Take calculated risks | Develop a sense of commitment and engagement to what they will enroll in | Take powerful decisions | Formulate a distinctive entrepreneurship attitude and skills

Communication Skills
Differentiate between a “good skillful communication” and a “crappy unskillful conversation” | Know the basic information on “communication” | Acknowledge the importance of communication in our lives in all settings | Understand the basics of the communication message and its inferences | Comprehend the concepts of semanticity, generativity, and displacement in human communication and be able to give examples on each | Acknowledge Verbal Skills | Identify forms of non-verbal skills | Reflect on your personal use of non-verbal skills

Project Management
Identify basics of project management through experiential interactive exercises | What does a project management framework consist of? | Identify the stages of any project management | What are the tools to be used to construct and manage a project? | Techniques used in such tools | How to work on project management in a systematic way | Identify conflicts and risks | Handle conflicts and avoiding them

Feasibility Study
Identify your new business idea | Test the idea if it is lucrative or not | Identify factors affecting your business idea | Instill the Techniques on how to conduct market research | Ability to develop a comprehensive feasibility study  Develop a business plan | How to sell your business idea

Marketing Plan
Identify basics of Marketing | How to do essential market research | Analyze information and data extracted from market research | Use of essential analytical tools (SWOT & PEST) | Conduct internal and external analysis for your company / brand | Conduct comprehensive marketing plan | How to audit your marketing efforts | Engage with new trends in marketing